Toy Bird Sizes

Birds vary in many sizes.  Some birds are larger or small than their expected breed size.  Use your own discretion when buying a toy for your bird.

Small Birds: canaries, finches, lovebirds, parakeets, paralettes, and etc.

Medium Birds: African greys, amazons, cockatiels, conures, eclectus, lorikeets, larger parakeets, quakers, senegal parrots, jardine parrots, and etc.

Large Birds: cockatoos, mini macaws, severe macaws, and etc.

Extra Large Birds: blue and gold macaws, green-winged macaws, scarlet macaws, etc.

Our Wood

Our toys are designed to keep our feathered companions busy!  A busy bird with toys to play with and to chew on is less likely to be a bird that gets bored and plucks.  Even if your bird has never played with a wooden toy give it a try, your bird may love it.

Our toys and playstands are made from pine, maple, birch, and poplar, which are all bird-friendly woods and colored with food coloring.  Our wood is placed in food coloring for a matter of minutes and then is placed in a custom-designed and engineered high power dryer.  The wood pieces are dried within fifteen minutes to an hour depending on the size of the wood. 

We also use yucca wood for some of our toy designs.  We found yucca wood to be a big hit for many birds.  This type of wood is very soft, and birds love to chew it.



Rope Perches and Hangs

Double Loop Rope Perches

Our rope perches are designed for a variety of different sizes of birds.  All of our double-loop rope perches are hand braided and woven back into the rope perch.  Each loop has an O-ring placed on it for easy securing to your bird’s cage or playstand.  Our rope perches do not come with quick links but can be easily added to your order. You can find them in the hardware section.


Single Loop Hang with a Braided End

Our single loop rope hangs were designed to slide on a perch and hang down so your bird can grab onto it to move throughout the cage or playstand.  It has a single loop at one end that is braided back into the cotton rope and the other end is hand woven and braided back into the rope strand to prevent unraveling.